“Below Freezing, Above Your Expectations”

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A History of Impressive Growth

In 1998, Londonderry Freezer Warehouse opened the doors of its 60,000 square foot warehouse in Southern New Hampshire. Once our customers realized the benefits of our efficient and dependable storage solutions, business at Londonderry quickly flourished. This resulted in a 30,000 square foot expansion of the warehouse, which allowed us to accommodate our growing base of client inventory.

Customers Are Our Greatest Priority

The rapid expansion of the warehouse is testimony to the fact that our customers’ needs are our first priority. Over time, we’ve readily adapted our storage facilities to fit the dynamic needs of our client base. Through our sophisticated technologies, our staff is able to react quickly to changing circumstances while still maintaining strict quality control. 

Although we’re certain that our ultramodern facilities play a large role in our clients’ satisfaction, the real ‘secret to our success’ is our people. The employees at Londonderry Freezer Warehouse care about the quality of the service they provide, and this dedication shines through in everything they do. Our experienced staff has a solid understanding of your requirements, formal training in operating procedures, and the skills needed to preserve the integrity of your inventory. We strive to keep the lines of communication open, addressing potential problems even before they arise and responding quickly to requests.

From the ocean to the wholesaler. from the farm to the dinner table, the proper storage of perishable foods is one of the most critical steps in the distribution process. We take our role in the food supply chain very seriously, and we’re committed to handling your products with the utmost in professionalism, honesty and integrity. As the frozen food industry evolves, we will continue to develop innovative new ways to improve the way we do business.

For more information on how we can assist you with your cold storage needs, please call us at 603-421-9525.