“Below Freezing, Above Your Expectations”

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Meet Our Team

A company is only as good as the people behind it, which explains why our business is the success it is today. Each of our warehouses boasts a talented, knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to upholding our reputation as the Northeast’s premier choice for cold storage. Our employees are led by a solid management team with years of industry experience and a history of excellence.

At Londonderry Freezer Warehouse and Highwood Cold Storage, our people are our greatest asset. We take pride in the fact that most of our staff members have been with us since the beginning and continue to help us grow and expand our cold storage services.

  • Edward Dougherty, General Manager (P) 603-421-9525
  • Paul Ormond, Warehouse Manager, Londonderry Freezer Warehouse (P) 603-421-9628
  • Jeremy Beaudoin, Warehouse Supervisor, Londonderry Freezer Warehouse (P) 603-421-9628
  • Dennis Diamantopoulos, Warehouse Manager, Highwood Cold Storage (P) 603-216-3710
  • Paul Groleau, Warehouse Supervisor, Highwood Cold Storage (P) 603-216-3710
  • John Lumbard, Facilities Manager, Londonderry Freezer Warehouse/ Highwood Cold Storage (P) 603-421-9525
  • John Robichaud, Controller (P) 603-421-9525
  • Dan Smith, System Administrator (P) 603-421-9525
  • Megan Williams, Office Manager, Londonderry Freezer Warehouse (P) 603-421-9525
  • Mike Sibley, Office Manager, Highwood Cold Storage (P) 603-216-3700